East Coast Chicken Fillets


Perfect every-time and anyone can do it!  Super succulent chicken fillets!  There’s so many ways to enjoy them the hard part is deciding how you’ll serve them😋


Serves 4-5

Serve with salad or veggies

Great for lunches, so make extra🐔for sandwiches

Bonus! If you mix equal parts wing dust with melted butter and vinegar you’ll have the perfect buffalo sauce!  Howz that!


  1. Pre-heat oven to 180c
  2. Lightly coat your chicken fillets with olive oil all over
  3. Generously coat in East Coast Buffalo Wing Dust or any of your other favourites
  4. place space apart on a oven tray and place in oven
  5. Cook for 25min and then let rest in the oven for an additional 5mins.
  6. Put a sharp knife in the fillet to check if juices are clear to ensure cooked.

Enjoy your juicy delicious fillets!