Elevated Yoghurt and Spice Chicken Fillets


Yogurt and spices enhance the flavour and tenderness of chicken, making them an excellent choice for a marinade.

Yogurt acts as a binding agent for spices, ensuring an even distribution of flavours and the fat content in yogurt also helps to carry the aromatic compounds of the spices deeper into the chicken, infusing it with rich and robust tastes.

Additionally, yogurt-based marinades can help prevent the chicken from drying out during cooking. The coating of yogurt forms a protective barrier, which locks in moisture and keeps the chicken tender and juicy.

Enjoy this easy to make “have to more” chicken dish.



  1. Lightly coat your fillets with olive oil
  2. Generously coat both sides with Magic seasoning
  3. Dollop on top the yoghurt
  4. Put the fillets with coatings into a large freezer bag and squish it around to completely coat the chicken with yoghurt and seasoning
  5. Add your lemon juice (makes all the difference)
  6. Leave to marinate for an hour or overnight.

Fry your fillets in a pan to sear and add a little colour

Pop into an baking tray and cook on 180 for 20 mins. (internal temp 75c)

Serve with whatever your favourite side is. (goes well with any veggie, rice or chips)

Enjoy, its fantastic!